Our local Shamans cultivate medicine in the Sierras and nearby mountains ranges, with love.

It is done in a controlled and sterile environment, the whole process is done with love and care and no corners are cut. Meditative music is used throughout the process and the energy of our family is put to the care of the cultivation every  step of the way. 

Fungi Medicine Close Up

The Result

The result: a medicine with beautiful loving and potent energy you can feel. A spiritual approach through plant medicine reaches a much deeper place, the heart and soul of a person. The mushroom experience  is  a deeply spiritual encounter, whether a person considers themselves spiritual or not. 

Spiritual Depth

These are spiritual levels deep within yourself, a place which is eternal, divine, and void of duality. A singularity exists within you. This is where REAL healing can be had.

Are You Ready?

"The ceremonies with Funginity are a huge gift for self knowledge and connection to our true essence. A sacred space of love, respect and protection to enter deep waters and find the jewels within ourselves. I felt very protected and cared for and that allowed me to encounter my inner light as well as my shadow and embrace all my inner parts with unconditional love."
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Veronica A.